As reported, Calumet City Clerk Nyota Figgs illegally destroyed thousands of documents even though she had no authority to do so and was instructed to retain all public records in her office. According to litigation filed in the Chancery Division of the Cook County Court, Clerk Figgs violated provisions of the Illinois Local Records Act and hired a company to destroy two truckloads of documents owned by the people of Calumet City.

An audit is underway and Figgs defied specific instructions from the Chief Auditor. Injunctive relief was sought to prevent the Clerk from further illegal destruction of records. Now, three Aldermen have joined in an effort with Figgs to inhibit the investigation into city finances during the previous administration.

1st Ward Alderman Mike Navarrete, 2nd Ward Alderwoman Monet Wilson and 6th Ward Alderman James “JR” Patton are participating in a motion filed in the Cook County Court. The motion was filed by attorney Burt Odelson.

The purpose of the audit is to uncover any wrongdoing or misuse of public funds. It is obvious to anyone that destroying documents and throwing up legal roadblocks would hinder the work of the Auditor. There are clear political allegiances involved here.

Alderman Patton was a paid political consultant for Qualkinbush and ran her campaign. He also was responsible for dishonest and racist literature being sent to voters in our community.

Burt Odelson is a longtime loyalist to former Mayor Michele Qualkinbush. He was the city attorney for years until she lost re-election. Odelson has long run interference for the former mayor and assisted her politically.

Calumet City Clerk Nyota Figgs has indicated she is running for a different office. Figgs has also hired a pr firm whose particular service area is political campaigns. Figgs has pulled numerous media stunts this year.

The cabal involving Figgs, Odelson, Patton, Navarette and Wilson seeks to stop a reasonable audit which is being done in the interest of taxpayers. It is time for them to put their political aspirations and vendettas aside and join in support of the effort underway to revitalize Calumet City. The residents deserve nothing less.