Long time embattled Calumet City Clerk Nyota Figgs sought to deny voters a choice in the upcoming municipal election. Figgs waged a meritless petition challenge against young candidate Erica Jenkins.

In addition to being the City Clerk, Figgs is additionally on the Calumet Memorial Park Board which is also an elected position. Upon learning that Jenkins filed nominating petitions to run in the election for the office, Figgs scrambled to invalidate the signatures that residents provided to Jenkins.

Jenkins is a young first time candidate with a passion to serve. Those signatures reflect the confidence voters expressed in her abilities and fresh approach to government service.

Figgs’ effort amounts to disenfranchising voters and taking away their ability to make a choice. Her effort is quite contrary to the ideals of democracy and speaks to the sense of entitlement that some politicians bestow upon themselves.

Figgs is no stranger to controversy. She has filed a series of meritless legal maneuvers against other elected officials over the years, all of which have failed. As we reported, Figgs also took $20k in taxpayer funds from the US Paycheck Protection Program, designed to support small businesses during the lockdowns stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately for Calumet City residents, Figgs’ effort to disenfranchise them in the upcoming municipal election failed. Now Figgs will have to face those residents at the ballot box.