Embattled Calumet City Clerk, Nyota Figgs, is running for a second seat in this election. In addition to her spot as clerk, Figgs is running for a seat on the Calumet Memorial Park Board which oversees the administration of the park resources. As we reported, Figgs was involved in a substantial PPP loan matter which led to serious ethical questions.

The PPP loan issue surrounding Figgs arose from an application appearing in a federal government database which indicated she applied for an received 20K from the program. In the application, Figgs claimed to be the owner of a sole proprietorship engaged in providing marketing consulting services. This is despite that Figgs already received over 120K annually from her part time role as city clerk. In order to receive 20k from the program, the application would have indicated that Nyota claimed to have made over 100k in 2019 from the sole proprietorship.

In our reporting, we asked why she feels entitled to receive an additional 20k from taxpayers and also for any information about her marketing services sole proprietorship business. We tried to locate a website, Facebook or even a reference to this business in her bio but did not find any mention.

It is certainly up to voters to reward Figgs with their vote or not when she already takes in over 120k annually from a part time job and pocketed 20k from the PPP Loan program which is paid for by taxpayers. It is clear that taxpayers are already spending a lot of their hard earned money on Nyota Figgs.