Alderwoman Monet Wilson is out of step with residents in her ward and all of Calumet City. With overwhelming majorities of voters who hold democratic values such as equality, protecting women’s rights and protecting working families, Wilson endorses two stalwart republicans.

In the last election cycle, Wilson endorsed republican Darren Bailey to serve as Illinois governor. Bailey was the favorite of the far right and an admitted MAGA extremist who was endorsed by Donald Trump. He rejected reproductive care, good jobs, livable wages, and affordable health care for all Illinoisans. In the state senate, Bailey waged a war on women and families.

Jeffrey Coleman is of the exact same mindset as Bailey. He ran and lost, having failed to join republicans in the Illinois House of Representatives. It is no doubt he would have followed Darren Bailey’s footsteps and worked to take resources and rights away from women and working families. Coleman was also a local party point man who wanted to re-elect Donald Trump.

Amazingly, Monet Wilson enthusiastically endorsed both of these far right candidates as seen on flyers and on Facebook. An endorsement by a politician carries weight and it signals a clear advocacy of the values and policies espoused by those candidates.

Monet Wilson told you in no uncertain terms that she rejects women’s rights, bringing resources to challenged communities and opposes measures to help working families.