Mayor Tiffany Henyard’s lavish spending on herself is reminiscent of third world dictators such as Imelda Marcos. Her trip to Las Vegas at the public’s expense might be her most brazen incident.. so far.

Henyard was spotted in Las Vegas with no expense spared. The round trip air fare cost $3741 dollars. This undoubtedly was flying first class. Charges also included $8400 for hotels, $587 at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and $303 at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

WGN’s Ben Bradley investigated and found these Las Vegas trip expenses were charged to tax payers. When confronted about the trip and the expenses at a city council meeting, Henyard danced around the question.

Between her income as Mayor and as Thornton Township Supervisor, Henyard rakes in a staggering $287k per year.

At a time when people are working hard to survive and the city infrastructure crumbles, it is a tremendous slap in the face to every hard working person for Henyard to lavish money on herself for a top notch trip at tax payer expense. Considering her gigantic income, she could have at least had the decency to pay for the trip herself. She can afford it.