On Thursday, embattled Calumet City Clerk Nyota Figgs used the official Facebook representing her office to fire off an overtly political communication. Figgs wrote a complaint letter using official letter head, scanned and then posted the image of her complaint letter. All of this took place during government time when she is supposed to be taking care of city business.

As we reported, Figgs has been absent from being in city hall performing her duties though she has been spotted numerous times out knocking on doors collecting signatures for political cronies. In her screed, Figgs also makes the false claim that 90% of her duties have been taken away, alludes to baseless allegations regarding signatures, zoom meetings and follows it all up by trying to cloud the whopping salary she receives every year.

Nyota Figgs makes over $125,000 per year with a generous expense account.

It is required for politicians to not use official resources for political purposes. All forms of official property including logos, letter head, digital platforms and the compensation to those elected officials are paid for by the people. Nyota’s actions are overtly political.

Figgs’ actions clearly violate that principle. It shows a distinct lack of respect for the people she is supposed to serve.