According to reporting, Dolton Mayor and Thornton Township Supervisor Tiffany Henyard is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The report cites 6 residents who have been interviewed by agents. The allegations against Henyard include attacking local businesses who have not made political donations or have simply done business such as selling food to her political rivals.

According to the report, Henyard’s use of taxpayer money for her own purposes is also being investigated. It has been confirmed that Henyard spends $250,000 per year for her own security detail who are armed and have full police powers. Henyard spends lavishly on herself including deluxe trips to Las Vegas, steak and shrimp dinners and having public money transferred to her personal charity.

Henyard rakes in over $300,000 annually between her salary as Thornton Township Supervisor and Mayor of Dolton.

The investigation may involve electronic surveillance of Henyard. More developments will likely come quickly.