As we reported, Thornton Trustee Gloria White is a puppet politician of Tiffany Henyard. She is a long time acolyte of Henyard who donated to her political PAC, was hired by Henyard to work in the Thornton Township building and is one of her foot soldiers.

When White ran as a write in candidate for Thornton Fractional Trustee in 2023, she was backed by Henyard and campaigned in the township. Now Henyard slipped her $5000 as shown in her official State Board of Elections filing.

White has the audacity to lie about her close ties with Henyard in Church.

On Sunday, Gloria went to Goodwill Church of God and Christ and spoke. A parishioner asked her if she is affiliated with Tiffany Henyard. Gloria stone cold lied and insisted she “is not with Tiffany Henyard and doesn’t support her.” There have been numerous other instances when White has lied to people in church about her affiliation with Henyard.

When she is not dishonestly campaigning at churches in our community, Gloria is in the Thornton Township building promoting herself and is welcomed by Henyard to come and do it.

Whenever Gloria White lies about her close ties to Henyard, she is showing just how unqualified she is to hold public office. She is also showing who she is loyal to. That would be Tiffany Henyard, not you.