Gloria K White is a politician and puppet of Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard. Since becoming Mayor, Henyard has brought a national spotlight on Dolton by wrecking the budget, lavish spending on herself, taking trips to Las Vegas on the tax payer dime, going to city council meetings dressed as Nino Brown and telling residents, “pay me what you owe me.”

In spite of Henyard making a mockery of the idea public service and raiding the public trust while residents struggle to survive, Gloria has shown herself as an eager supporter to Tiffany. White donated money to Henyard’s political pac.

White is also regularly seen riding the coat tails of Henyard mugging for pictures when out at public events every chance she gets.

The fact that Gloria K White embraces Tiffany Henyard speaks volumes and not in a good way. Even though Henyard rejects true public service and instead pursues personal enrichment, White identifies with this by virtue of her actions.

The people of Dolton do not need any more Henyard style graft or any of her puppets to be elected.