As we reported, Calumet City Clerk Nyota Figgs and Alderwoman Monet Wilson received substantial sums of tax payer money from the PPP Loan Program. Between the two, $267,000 was obtained through the program according to data disclosed by the Small Business Administration. The program was implemented by the Federal Government to help struggling businesses stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Designed as loans, borrowers could apply for forgiveness meaning they do not have to pay the money back leaving it to taxpayers like you to foot the bill.

ProPublica recently streamlined their reporting tool which shows that both Figgs and Wilson were granted forgiveness and did not repay the amounts. Under program rules, borrowers could opt to apply for forgiveness.

City Clerk Nyota Figgs
Though she makes over $125,000 per year plus expenses as the Calumet City Clerk, SBA data shows Figgs applied for a loan claiming to operate a sole proprietorship providing graphic design consulting services in the program year of 2019. More can be read here: Ethical Questions About Her PPP Loan Application Data from the ProPublica data base shows her loan in the amount of $20k was not repaid.

Alderwoman Monet Wilson
In the program year of 2019, Wilson was employed as a full employee of the Illinois Department of Corrections. As reported and according to SBA government data, Monet applied for five different PPP loans involving entities claiming to have been operated from her house in 2019. This involved a gym, a cosmetics business, a non-profit, a daycare center and a graphic design business. More can be read here 5 PPP Loans Totaling $247,000 and here Another PPP Loan Identified and More Questions. Checking the data disclosed by ProPublica shows that none of the money was returned to taxpayers.

ProPublica Datasets
Figgs Loan Forgiven:

Wilson Cosmetics Sole Prop:

Wilson Graphic Design Sole Prop:

Wilson Sports and Recreation Instruction:

1976 Foundation:

Wilson Non-Profit: