As we reported, Gloria K White is a puppet politician of embattled Dolton Mayor and Thornton Township Supervisor Tiffany Henyard. Since becoming mayor and township supervisor, Henyard has drawn national attention for wrecking the Dolton budget, lavishing tax payer respources on herself and her gargantuan take home pay. Now Henyard wants to install White in office to expand her influence. Gloria is all too happy to oblige as she supports Henyard’s values.

Decent people reject what Henyard is doing, but not Gloria. She donated money to Henyard’s political pac. White also takes every opportunity she can to support Henyard and mugs for the camera at events as she rides Tiffany’s coat tails.

Heyard has used tax payer money to enjoy first class trips to Las Vegas, staying at pricey hotels and chowing down on $800 worth of steak and shrimp. She has put Dolton $7 million dollars in debt, spends $250,000 per year on her own security detail, fails to pay vendors for city services and now, 18 police vehicles are in danger of being repossessed.

As Thornton Township Supervisor, she used tax payer money to fund her own charity and passed an illegal ordinance to protect her bloated salary and discourage people from running against her in the next election.

Now Henyard is working to advance Gloria K White who is a willing puppet of hers.

Gloria K White and Tiffany Henyard need to be rejected by voters. Your pocket book and the dignity of serving in office depends on it.