On Saturday, residents from the cities and villages turned out at River Oaks Mall calling for accountability and express their concerns about how Thornton Township government is being run.

Tiffany Henyard is both Township Supervisor and Dolton Mayor. Numerous questions have been raised about spending and the lack of transparency. Multiple investigations are underway including the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Led by Mary Avent, the rally was organized by the Advisory Committee to the People’s Trustees of Dolton. “I want everybody to have a voice,” Avent said. “Strength in numbers.”

Residents were invited to take to the podium to express their concern about the way their tax dollars are being spent.

Stephanie Wiedeman is a former township staffer who told the assembled group of about 100 peope, “It’s important that we pay attention to these numbers that are being passed and the way money is being spent,” she said. “I know it’s a lot to take in. It’s our money. We’re the ones paying these taxes and we have a right to know where every penny is going.”

The group is planning to get more involved in local politics.