Fenia Dukes says she feels victimized by Dolton trustee Andrew Holmes, Mayor Tiffany Henyard

DOLTON, Ill. — A woman who claims she was assaulted by a well-known community activist while on a taxpayer-funded trip to Las Vegas has released an edited video statement that answers some questions about the incident.

Fenia Dukes released the video Monday, following several weeks of communications between her and WGN Investigates about a potential interview.

Dukes said she wanted to share her story because she feels victimized twice: first by community activist Andrew Holmes, a colleague she respected, and then again when she reported the alleged incident to her boss, Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard.

Holmes is a Dolton village trustee and ally of the embattled mayor.

“I deemed him ‘Uncle Drew,” Duke said. “I gave him that name and it went all the way down to the mayor calling him Uncle Drew. That was just his name because he made everyone feel comfortable.”

Her claims in the recorded statement mimic those those she made in a recently filed civil lawsuit and police report.

Dukes was Henyard’s assistant last May when she said Henyard took her, Holmes and an entourage of a dozen people to Las Vegas to attend an economic development conference.

On the last night, Dukes said she was relieved when Holmes said he’d go out with her on the Strip to celebrate her birthday. She later told police she blacked out after a night of drinking and smoking marijuana.

“I at least knew I got a man with me. I’m going to make it home,” Dukes said. “I don’t have to worry about going out on The Strip by myself. I legitimately thought I was going to make it home until my last memory was waking-up in his room.”

Holmes denies wrong-doing but has declined to comment.

Source: www.wgn.com